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Flag Football Popularity Rockets because of Girls

March 16, 2010

Flag football is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing girls’ high school sports across the country.
In Broward County, Florida the sport has evolved from recreational leagues to middle and high school programs. And the teams feature talented players who are out to prove that football is not just a sport for boys.

“Flag football has become real popular,” Stranahan coach Bennett Wyche said. “We’ve been taking some girls away from the track programs.”
Since the Florida High School Athletic Association first recognized flag football as a varsity sport in 2003, Broward County has been a dominant force.
The county has produced two state champions (Fort Lauderdale in 2003 and Miramar in 2006) and two state runners-up (Fort Lauderdale in 2004 and Dillard in 2007).

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Clay County is the next in Florida to add Girl’s Flag Football

January 24, 2010

A growing number of girls in Clay County are participating in football, thanks in part to a newly formed flag football league.

Christopher White, a teacher at Green Cove Springs Junior High School, is among several educators who helped get the girls’ league started in Clay County this year as a junior high sport, according to a news release.

“I truly enjoyed coaching girls’ flag football this year. The season went really well,” he said in the release.

The teams just wrapped up their inaugural season and the program is expected to grow in the future.

“We had 20 girls on the team and they really had a lot of fun,” said Joey Williams, a Lakeside Junior High School basketball coach and exceptional-student education assistant. “I had a great time coaching them.”

Flag football is a sanctioned sport in only about four states, including Florida, according to the release.

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Happy Birthday Title IX

June 24, 2009

Happy 37th birthday to Title IX, the federal law granting girls and women in high schools and colleges the right to equal opportunity in sports.

On June 23, 1972 title IX was passed and implemented in July of that same year. Although that was 10 years before I was born, and manny more years before I could take advantage of the opportunities, I benefited first hand to the passing of this bill.
Title IX is the reason I learned how to play football. I joined my high school varsity flag football team when they first announced that Palm Beach County Public School District was to offer a varsity level girl’s flag football program. My family wasn’t into watching the NFL, nor was my big brother a football fan.
As a 16 year old Junior in high school I learned how to throw a ball, catch as well understand the markers on the field. I was a slow learner and wasn’t the best on the field, but my coach kept encouraging me to play. I discovered that I love the sport.

The world still isn’t perfect, we have a long way to go. But without title IX, I would be a different person.

The battle continues in Congress to ensure Title IX remains strong and effective. We need to support this legislation at a stronger level. Send a message to your congressional representative though the Women’s Sports Foundation.

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Florida’s Girls Flag Football May Fall Victim to Budget Cut

May 30, 2009

FHSAA debate on cutting sports schedules will continue next week in Orlando

Five weeks after a controversial measure to cut back regular season sports schedules passed by a 9-6 vote, the Florida High School Athletic Association’s board of directors will continue to debate the hot topic when it meets next Thursday and Friday in Orlando.

Girls Flag Football season could go from 12 games down to 10. The exclusions to this proposed change would be Cheerleading and Tackle Football.

The FHSAA’s new executive director, Roger Dearing, will pitch his own amendment that would allow schools that do not have football or competitive cheer teams to designate other “revenue-producing” sports that would be exempt from the new game limits.

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Dr. Phillips High School Girl Makes Sentinel’s 2009 Girls Flag Football ‘Player of the Year’

May 24, 2009

Dr. Phillips High School’s quarterback Cassie Maloney made the Orlando Sentinel’s “Player of the Year”

Dr. Phillips quarterback Cassie Maloney wasn’t on Coach Anthony Jones’ radar leading into her junior year.

But after taking over at quarterback for the injured Summer Jenkins and setting several school records, including passing for 32 touchdowns for last season’s district championship squad, Maloney became the main target of opponents in 2009.

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This Is Not Your Mother’s Powder Puff

May 17, 2009

Traditionally speaking, high school girls played flag football douring the homecoming celebration. Where reverse rolls we given to students. Boys dressing up as female cheerleaders and girls as flag football players.
They only difference? The girls took the competition seriously.

As more girls explore alternative sports, the popularity of competitive girl’s flag football grew. Only two states, Florida and Alaska sanction High School Varsity Girl’s Flag football programs. But the number is growing.

“Four high schools in Central Texas started a league this spring and Ivy Prep near Atlanta will have a five-team intramural girls flag football league this coming fall.”
-Atlanta’s Leaf Chronicle

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