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Flag Football Popularity Rockets because of Girls

March 16, 2010

Flag football is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing girls’ high school sports across the country.
In Broward County, Florida the sport has evolved from recreational leagues to middle and high school programs. And the teams feature talented players who are out to prove that football is not just a sport for boys.

“Flag football has become real popular,” Stranahan coach Bennett Wyche said. “We’ve been taking some girls away from the track programs.”
Since the Florida High School Athletic Association first recognized flag football as a varsity sport in 2003, Broward County has been a dominant force.
The county has produced two state champions (Fort Lauderdale in 2003 and Miramar in 2006) and two state runners-up (Fort Lauderdale in 2004 and Dillard in 2007).

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San Fran Needs A Few Good Women

February 23, 2010

The Newest Team on the San Francisco Women’s Flag Football League circuit, The Blaze, is recruiting.

The season will start March 14 and continue every Sunday through Mid-May. The Blaze will join the 8 other teams in the Spring 2010 season. Fall Champions, The Mustangs, defeated the Rebels, November 22, 2009, 38-0, in the championship game. Additionally, Latrice Johnson of First String was awarded the League’s Most Valuable Player for the Fall 2009 season.

The SFWFFL is Celebrating 20 years of bringing women’s flag football to the Bay Area!

If you’re interested in joining the league as a team, or as a player contact


England Offers an Opportunity to Coach

February 22, 2010

The BAFA is delighted to announce a series of Level 1 coaching clinics and new initiatives which form part of the Impact and Improvement programme funded by Sport England.
President of the Coaches’ Association, Jim Messenger said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to boost the sport with more Level 1 qualified coaches. We are delighted to be able to offer these clinics at just £17. Additionally, whilst these clinics are occurring, the Coaches’ Association coach education team will be working with BAFA’s consultants, Press Red and Oaks Consulting, to finalise the new Level 2 coaching qualification, which we plan to launch in late spring this year.

These activities will support the newly developed Flag football and Youth football strategies, all of which have been funded through the Impact and Improvement Award”.
The clinics will be held on Saturdays over the coming months:
6th March 2010 – University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield)
13th March 2010 – University of Birmingham, University of Essex (Colchester) and Prudhoe High School, Newcastle
20th March 2010 – Filton College, WISE Campus, Bristol
In addition, to further support coach development BAFA and the Coaches’ Association will be staging three more clinics at the same cost.
27th March 2010 – St James School, Bolton
17th April 2010 – Scotland (Venue to be confirmed)
24th April 2010 – University of Leicester

More details can b found on the BAFL Website


Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

February 3, 2010

“Each year as we celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day, we are reminded of the importance of maintaining a focus on, and creating an awareness of, the important issues facing women and girls in this country and beyond.The powerful combination of sports, health and education found in programs administered by organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation not only directly benefits women and girls today, it lays a foundation for growth for generations to come.” — Women’s Sports Foundation Founder Billie Jean King

A IWFFA Blog affiliate, Women Talk Sports, put together some remarkable photos of women and girls in sports. Check it out.


Clay County is the next in Florida to add Girl’s Flag Football

January 24, 2010

A growing number of girls in Clay County are participating in football, thanks in part to a newly formed flag football league.

Christopher White, a teacher at Green Cove Springs Junior High School, is among several educators who helped get the girls’ league started in Clay County this year as a junior high sport, according to a news release.

“I truly enjoyed coaching girls’ flag football this year. The season went really well,” he said in the release.

The teams just wrapped up their inaugural season and the program is expected to grow in the future.

“We had 20 girls on the team and they really had a lot of fun,” said Joey Williams, a Lakeside Junior High School basketball coach and exceptional-student education assistant. “I had a great time coaching them.”

Flag football is a sanctioned sport in only about four states, including Florida, according to the release.

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A Message From The President

January 14, 2010

Things you should know before you go.
Before you arrive to Key West for the Kelly McGillis Classic, I thought you should know…..

Your Action Photos

Tournament Photographer for team and action photos will be Dan at Southernmost Photographers. Contact Dan to arrange your personal or team action photos taken during the tournament. To contact him to ask for more information or to make arrangements – His email is :

There are two modifications to women’s rules

IWFFA rules are up on our website :

Each team will be allowed 2 time outs per half
For a total of 4 per game.( It use to be teams could take their four time outs anytime during the game).

Conversion – Scoring team will have a choice to either:
Run / Pass / Kick from 10-yd line for 2 points
Run / Pass / Kick from 3-yard line for 1 point

Tournament Auction

We will offer everyone a chance to purchase tickets for half price to attarctions of The Keys using our Tournament Auction.
You and your team can get HALF price
sunset sails

The Tournament Auction will start two weeks before the tournament. A link to the auction will appear here.

If you are on the mailing list, we’ll send you notice just before the auction begins. January 24th we post. You will then have one week to place your bid for any item. Auction closes on January 31st.

Media You Should Know About

IWFFA Pay-Per-View Event
Will be hosted on Women’s Streaming Talk Radio on Demand website which is:

Listen FREE online
Broadcasting this year’s 19th annual Kelly Mc Gillis Classic event. Airing live on the audio side via: Women’s Sports Talk Show. Games will be filmed and is sponsored by: The Women’s Sports Talk Show which will stream through:

Tell your friends and teammates who could not come this year to watch it in real time, online.

Women’s Sports Talk Show will be on the internet airing live all week long.

During the tournament, teams and players will be interviewed, along with games filmed and up to date tournament results will be archived. Live raw footage of the tournament games and interviews at our awards for girls and women at Grim’s Grill.

The Women’s Sports Talk Show (WSTS) is a live online talk & pod cast show centered around women’s sports.
Our host during the tournament will be: Jay.

Our 19th Kelly Mc Gillis Classic International Women’s & Girls Flag Football Championship and World Challenge Game can be found at: The Women’s Streaming Radio Network (WSTR)

The name of the show is: The Women’s Sports Talk Show
Web Site:

Filming for ELLEN! “IWFFA Flag Football Dance” for Ellen DeGeneres

Key Moments Production – and Videographer Mary Angelini
will film players and teams throughout the tournament to edit a final piece to present to Ellen DeGeneres to use as invitation for next year’s tournament. Brilliant? Wait till you see the final piece.
One dance, one song and all our players in this year’s tournament. We will post on our website, You Tube and ask Ellen to play on her T.V. show. You will be notified in your IWFFA monthly update.

Opening Ceremonies – Wed, Feb 10 3 – 4:45pm
We ask all the teams to join us at the Opening Ceremonies which includes team and individual costume contest!
Cheerleading and arm wrestle contest! We will sing national anthems, listen to guest speakers – we invited Dolly Parton this year!

We then line up for our “Girls Night Out Players Parade” – line up is 4:45 and we take off at PAM! Bring your country or team flags, banners, players and good cheer! Last year was our largest parade, lets outdo ourselves.

Most of our parties each night, are offering a shot or free drink to the women’s team who gets there first. This means, your full team ! If you are a party team, get your team ready to travel as a whole.

We have parties every night starting with:

Super bowl Sunday! At Irish Kevins
Monday Rum Barrel – Burgers and Beer
Tuesday – In Kahoots – Texas Hold’em and Dart Tournament
Wednesday – Guy Harveys, Double Tree / Grand Key Meet and Greet Registration $1.00 bottle Coorslight
Thursday – Cowboy Bills – ride the bull contest
Friday – Fat Tuesday – Wet Tee Shirt Contest and fund raiser for Relay for Life / American Cancer
Saturday – Dance at Pearls Women’s Guest House – open to ALL
Sunday – Awards Ceremonies for girls& juniors – Grim’s Grill / Later in the evening – women’s awards Grims Grill

We hope you’ll attend all our parties. These are businesses who have sponsored us, and helped to financially support this tournament. We have one party a night. Every venue has something special and more details can be found on our website:

Any Volunteers?
We love you… just let us know who you are! There is still time to volunteer. Email our office

World Challenge – International All Stars vs U.S. All Stars

We will have lot’s of games, at the field what will be new, is we ask teams to choose all stars from opposing team for the World Challenge game which will be Sunday following the last championship game. We took a vote and the majority of players and coaches chose Sunday for games.

Tournament schedules will not be known until the captains meeting at the meet and greet
Each team will play a minimum of 4 games
Loose Women can still sign up to play e-mail the office:
Who is Jean Balukas? (tell me and you get an IWFFA hat)

See ya real soon!



Diane Beruldsen
International Women’s Flag Football Association (IWFFA)


Sorority Flag Football Challenge

January 5, 2010

I ran across this video today. “The Girls of Old Florida”
A unique action photo series documenting sorority flag football teams from the University of Florida, including interviews by sorority players and their coaches. The sound bites were powerful, and to be honest, stereotypical, while the action shots were of genuine competitive athletes. The first soundbite:

“It’s your chance to kinda like, be aggressive without, like, being aggressive.”

Some saying that they take the opportunity to play with their sisters and a break away from their studies. Others defending that the game is very competitive.

“You get your share of bruises… and scratches, girls tend to keep their nails nice and long too…

The composition of the video did not allow for the sound bits to match up to the player, however, one player got my attention.

“I feel like if we played tackle football it would be ok, like, we would rock it, but considering its socially unacceptable at the moment, (“It shouldn’t be”, adds another teammate in the back ground) because we could tackle, But… our teammates fall down, hurt their knees…”

This girl in particular addresses the society’s restraints on female athletes. Because I have no idea how to find this women, I will broadcast this message: I challenge you, and your team… to join us for some IWFFA contact flag football. It would be an honor to play with you.


We’re going on-air!

December 2, 2009

IWFFA goes Live On Women’s Football Talk – Open Mic
On December 3, 10PM – 11PM (EST)

Were going to talk about girls Flag football gaining popularity of Flag football, and how that is changing OUR game.
We would like to discuss the Pros and Cons of Professionalizing Flag Football, The World Challenge in Key West, FL.
The LFL – Lingerie Football League- Is it helpful or hurtful to women’s football?
Scandinavian Tournaments for Americans as well as other IWFFA Promotional Tours

PLUS! Were going to open the forum up to you too!

So Join us!

There are two ways you can listen to the Live Broadcast. (You will see our IWFFA logo and “open mic” section)

Once they are on there, it will start as soon as it becomes live. This link will also open up the chat room so you do not have to have two windows open. If the chat room does not open then be sure to refresh it.

Note: We will open chat room 30 minutes before show time.


Chat Room Use: If you would like to interact in the chat room they will need to register with BlogTalkRadio. Register at the top of the BlogTalkRadio page and enter their name and user name they would like to use. Once you register you can sign in and refresh the chat room so their name will appear. We will open the chat room 30 minutes before the show so that you can use it to talk or ask questions before the show begins.

These two methods don’t work for you?

If they cannot be by a computer then they can Call in to listen at 347-826-7278 (do not press #1 if you are calling in just to listen).

If you have any questions, email:


Dates Released for the 19th Annual Kelly McGillis Classic

November 19, 2009

Ket West, FL hosts the Largest women’s flag football tournament in the world. Players and teams from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Finland, Norway and Scotland meet in paradise to compete.

Dates for the Women’s events start February 7, 2010 with games beginning the 11th. The World Challenge and all other final games end on February 15, 2010.

The girl’s events are February 13-14, 2010

Register without penalties, by December 15, 2009
Closing registration by December 31st, 2009.

Don’t have a team? Join the Loose Women. A team composed of women who do not have a team but still want to compete.

Want more info? e-mail


What’s in a Name? Powderpuff vs. Girls Flag Football

September 8, 2009

Our last post about an Iowa girl wanting to play flag football, but initially wasn’t allowed, drew up some core issues. Incase you missed it, a 4- year old Iowa girl’s father attempted to enroll her in the Mason City Park and Recreation Department’s Tiny Tot Flag Football program, but was denied because the Director said this program was for boys only.
After the girls father’s relentless fight, including contacting the city’s Human Rights Director, she was allowed to participate in this season’s program. Following the first news story the Director of the Mason City Park and Recreation Department told a local news paper this:

The question of allowing girls to play flag football came up at least once before, Brown said. “A few years ago, we had a little older girl that wanted to play and we let her play.”
He said the Recreation Department is considering offering a Powder Puff program — flag football for girls.

The gaining popularity of girls flag football nationally has brought up a good question:

Is the name “Powderpuff” derogatory?
WIkipedia describes powderpuff- “Some female participants of a sport deem the term “powder puff” as derogatory since the name connoted frivolity of the division, that it is at best an auxiliary and should not be taken seriously.”

In Bicycle Motocross (BMX) the term powder puff referred to the female class of racers up until approximately 1982 when pressure from the girls class influenced the sport’s sanctioning bodies to drop the term. As this quote from one of the sport’s leading magazine illustrates:
“…We don’t say “powderpuff” anymore because it has male Chauvinist pig connotations. And we sure don’t want to get all them moon babes mad at us.”[1] —-Bicycle Motocross Action September 1981.


In last years’ IWFFA Forward Pass featured a story about The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The recreation department’s Women’s flag football program named “powderpuff” but some students and professors, demanded change.
Donna M. Bickford, Ph.D., Director of Carolina Women’s Center Program Advisory Council was alarmed when she
became aware of the program’s name. “Surely the players are strong and committed athletes. Referring to their intramural sport as ‘powderpuff ’ however, would lead to the opposite conclusion.” said Bickford in her letter addressed to the Director of the Carolina Campus Recreation Program.

A short time later, UNC at Chapel Hill re-named the program to “Women’s Flag Football”

We will feature an in-depth article on this subject in the Summer Forward Pass