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IWFFA Invites Ellen to the 20th Annual KMC

March 15, 2010

While the 19th annual Kelly McGillis Classic is still a recent memory, the IWFFA is keeping its on eye on next year’s largest tournament. During the 4-day tournament, players from every team participated in the filming of the “Ellen Dance”.

The players of the IWFFA have invited Ellen to come play and dance in Key West Florida for the 20th anniversary of the Kelly McGillis Classic (KMC) in February of 2011.
The International Flag Football Association hosts the largest women and girl’s tournament in the world. With players from Sweden, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and the United States.

The 20th anniversary of the KMC promises to be the largest tournament to date.


Packing List for the Kelly McGillis Classic

February 4, 2010

The Kelly McGillis social events kicked off with a Super Bowl party. If you haven’t already, you’ve gotta start packing. I’ve compiled a packing list that I have used for the past 3 years. I thought that you would find it helpful.

Download the printable list here:

Mac Version

Windows Version


Happy National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

February 3, 2010

“Each year as we celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day, we are reminded of the importance of maintaining a focus on, and creating an awareness of, the important issues facing women and girls in this country and beyond.The powerful combination of sports, health and education found in programs administered by organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation not only directly benefits women and girls today, it lays a foundation for growth for generations to come.” — Women’s Sports Foundation Founder Billie Jean King

A IWFFA Blog affiliate, Women Talk Sports, put together some remarkable photos of women and girls in sports. Check it out.


Silent Auction: Get discounted tickets for Key West

January 30, 2010

*Silent Auction Ends THIS Sunday*

Players and teams ( and supporters) who are attending the Kelly McGillis Classic can bid. E-mail your bid to you will then receive an e-mail if another bid comes in higher than your bid. You will have an opportunity to bid again. All proceeds will go to the IWFFA, to help keep registration costs low. The auction closes January 31st, 12 noon.

Bid on these items:

Cape Air Airlines Tickets – 2 airline tickets – $400 value – Bid starts at $200

Sebago Water Sports (snorkel or sunset sail) – Each trip is worth $32 – Bidding starts at $16

Lazy Dog Kayaking – Each certificate is good for two persons – value $40 – Bidding starts at $20

Rooftop Café (Exclusive Restaurant) – $100 gift certificate – Bidding starts at $50

Two Friends Patio Restaurant – Breakfast or Lunch for Two – $40 value. Bidding starts at $20

Island Dog Bar – $25 gift certificate – Bidding starting at $12.50

Dog Thirty (pet shop with special key west items for your dog) $25 gift certificate – Bidding starting at $12.50

Denny’s Restaurant – $50 gift certificate – Bidding starting at $25

Outback Steakhouse – $45 gift certificates – Bidding starting at $22.50

Half Shell Raw Bar Restaurant – $50 gift certificate- Bidding starting at $25

Camille’s Restaurant – $25 gift certificates – Bidding starting at $12.50

The Kelly McGillis Classic players and team events auction closes January 31st, 12 noon. E-mail your bid at All certificats are good from February 6-16, 2010

Happy Bidding!


Kick It In Iran

January 22, 2010

A Documentary of the first women of Iran to qualify for the Olympics. Her family, her spiritual leader, and the world surrounding her cannot understand her dreams. I cannot wait for the full feature to come out.


Contact Flag Football in Key West

January 18, 2010

2009 Kelly McGillis Classic in key West, FL.


Sorority Flag Football Challenge

January 5, 2010

I ran across this video today. “The Girls of Old Florida”
A unique action photo series documenting sorority flag football teams from the University of Florida, including interviews by sorority players and their coaches. The sound bites were powerful, and to be honest, stereotypical, while the action shots were of genuine competitive athletes. The first soundbite:

“It’s your chance to kinda like, be aggressive without, like, being aggressive.”

Some saying that they take the opportunity to play with their sisters and a break away from their studies. Others defending that the game is very competitive.

“You get your share of bruises… and scratches, girls tend to keep their nails nice and long too…

The composition of the video did not allow for the sound bits to match up to the player, however, one player got my attention.

“I feel like if we played tackle football it would be ok, like, we would rock it, but considering its socially unacceptable at the moment, (“It shouldn’t be”, adds another teammate in the back ground) because we could tackle, But… our teammates fall down, hurt their knees…”

This girl in particular addresses the society’s restraints on female athletes. Because I have no idea how to find this women, I will broadcast this message: I challenge you, and your team… to join us for some IWFFA contact flag football. It would be an honor to play with you.


We Want Your Opinion!

December 5, 2009

AZ Team give new perspective on Football

December 3, 2009

This blossoming team based out of Arizona posted a fun video of the team practicing. They used a neat little helmet camera to capture the play that almost reminds us of the days of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare.

Thanks for sharing @soul4real 😀


We’re going on-air!

December 2, 2009

IWFFA goes Live On Women’s Football Talk – Open Mic
On December 3, 10PM – 11PM (EST)

Were going to talk about girls Flag football gaining popularity of Flag football, and how that is changing OUR game.
We would like to discuss the Pros and Cons of Professionalizing Flag Football, The World Challenge in Key West, FL.
The LFL – Lingerie Football League- Is it helpful or hurtful to women’s football?
Scandinavian Tournaments for Americans as well as other IWFFA Promotional Tours

PLUS! Were going to open the forum up to you too!

So Join us!

There are two ways you can listen to the Live Broadcast. (You will see our IWFFA logo and “open mic” section)

Once they are on there, it will start as soon as it becomes live. This link will also open up the chat room so you do not have to have two windows open. If the chat room does not open then be sure to refresh it.

Note: We will open chat room 30 minutes before show time.


Chat Room Use: If you would like to interact in the chat room they will need to register with BlogTalkRadio. Register at the top of the BlogTalkRadio page and enter their name and user name they would like to use. Once you register you can sign in and refresh the chat room so their name will appear. We will open the chat room 30 minutes before the show so that you can use it to talk or ask questions before the show begins.

These two methods don’t work for you?

If they cannot be by a computer then they can Call in to listen at 347-826-7278 (do not press #1 if you are calling in just to listen).

If you have any questions, email: