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Sorority Flag Football Challenge

January 5, 2010

I ran across this video today. “The Girls of Old Florida”
A unique action photo series documenting sorority flag football teams from the University of Florida, including interviews by sorority players and their coaches. The sound bites were powerful, and to be honest, stereotypical, while the action shots were of genuine competitive athletes. The first soundbite:

“It’s your chance to kinda like, be aggressive without, like, being aggressive.”

Some saying that they take the opportunity to play with their sisters and a break away from their studies. Others defending that the game is very competitive.

“You get your share of bruises… and scratches, girls tend to keep their nails nice and long too…

The composition of the video did not allow for the sound bits to match up to the player, however, one player got my attention.

“I feel like if we played tackle football it would be ok, like, we would rock it, but considering its socially unacceptable at the moment, (“It shouldn’t be”, adds another teammate in the back ground) because we could tackle, But… our teammates fall down, hurt their knees…”

This girl in particular addresses the society’s restraints on female athletes. Because I have no idea how to find this women, I will broadcast this message: I challenge you, and your team… to join us for some IWFFA contact flag football. It would be an honor to play with you.