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Shout Out!

July 12, 2009

Oslo Norway’s 10th Annual IWFFA Tournament

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IWFFA Oslo Norway womans flag football

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US’s Blue Thunder No. 1 in Oslo, Norway

July 2, 2009

Blue Thunder, a women’s team from Washington DC, USA was the first US team in IWFFA history to travel to Europe and compete. And compete they did. After a narrow margion between F Fighters v. Panthers (6-8) and Blue Thunder v. Panthers (8-6), Blue Thunder and the F Fighters battled it out for the championship game.

The two day tournament came to an end with Blue Thunder taking the championship from F Fighters (20-0). The six teams who competed in the Oslo Norway’s 10th annual IWFFA tournament showed great sportsmanship. The European teams welcomed the US team and even invited them to participate in Oslo’s Pride parade, in which games were scheduled around.
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