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The New Generations

January 27, 2009

I grew up in a town where little girls ride horses, study ballet or competed in gymnastics. I played little league t-ball and soccer and was the only girl in either league. If you played sports as a child, I’d bet that you would have a similar story, always having to prove to your coach, and teammates that you were as capable to play.

I saw and ad in 1995 that inspired me to keep playing sports. I realized that I  wasn’t the only girl out there playing sports.  Here is the TV ad that is exactly like the Magazine ad I saw when I was 12.

The ad gets me thinking… in 10 years, how many Woman’s team will be compeating in the IWFFA? The girls of today will be women tomorrow.  How can I encourage girls to play flag football and keep the passion for the sport alive?


IWFFA Goes on MySpace!

January 22, 2009

Do you have a Myspace?

IWFFA does!

We have had a myspace online for over 2 years, but we just didn’t know what to do with it! Now were using it to connect to new Flag Footballer friends we didn’t knew we had! Women interested in Flag Football have used Myspace to contact the IWFFA about starting new programs in New Orleans, West Palm Beach and LA.

If your a Myspacer… make sure you add us as your friend

IWFFA Myspace Screen Shot

IWFFA Myspace Screen Shot


Key West Itenerary of Events

January 18, 2009

Besides the breezy beaches, the ‘Duval Crawl’ and of course the Football, the Kelly McGillis Classic is known for its wild and entertaining after parties. Here is the scheudle of events for this year:

  • Sunday: Superbowl Party @ IGUANA Cafe
  • Monday: Drinking Singing into the weeeee hours @ Irish Kevin’s
  • Tuesday: Woman’s Arm Wrestling Contest @ Guy Harvey’s
  • Wednesday:

Opening Day Ceremonies @ Rum Barrel Roof Top (3pm)

Fairvilla Player’s Parade @ Fairvilla Megastore (4:45pm)

Meet and Greet- Player Check In @ Grand Key Double Tree Resort (7-10pm)

  • Thursday: GAMES BEGIN– Woman’s Bull Riding Contest @ Cowboy Bills
  • Friday: Wet Tee-Shirt Contest for Relay For Life @ Fat Tuesday
  • Saturday: GIRL’S GAMES BEGIN

Autograph Session with Kelly McGillis @ Wicker Field

Girl’s Team Social Event @ Ripley Believe-it-or-not

Live Music by Jennifer Corday and WIN a Date with Kelly McGillis @ Pearl’s Rainbow

  • Sunday: FINAL GAMES

Girl’s Awards @ Khors Custard Ice Cream

World Challenge II @ Wicker Field

Awards Party Presented by Kelly McGillis @Dante’s Key West

  • Monday: ‘The tournament is OVER Breakfast’ @ Kennedy Cafe of Key West

For a more detailed schedule of events or to get times and addresses please consult your Program or Here

A Special note to our players and fans:
“With the current economy hitting businesses hard, these businesses listed below (and also in our tournament program), still found a way to support our event. And we could not afford the event without their support. We ask everyone to bear that in mind and return their support.

Please patronize the businesses who have supported us and let them know your flag football!”- Diane


IWFFA is on Wikipedia!

January 17, 2009

The IWFFA is now on the most recognizable encyclopedia. If you didn’t hear about it before:

“Wikipedia (pronunciation Spoken content icon) is a free,[5] multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its name is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning ‘fast’) and encyclopedia. Wikipedia’s 12 million articles (2.6 million in English) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone who can access the Wikipedia website.[6] Launched in January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger,[7] it is currently the most popular[3] general reference work on the Internet.”

You can view the link to IWFFA on Wiki here!

Before today, if you searched “Flag Football” , you would get info about another Flag Football  organization who offers one division of “girls” competition, who is also linked to the NFL. Now that the IWFFA is on Wiki, readers will have the opportunity to get to know the IWFFA.

As with the nature of the site, you may add photos or additional information to the website in any form.


Free Workout Music on Nike

January 10, 2009

Only 21 days, 14 hours and 45 minutes until the first game kicks off in Key West.

Are you ready?

I have kicked my workout into high gear and I have discovered Nike Plus Sport Music. Its a mix of music with a sports trainer or athlete talking you through your run. I like it beacuse it pushes my run a little bit harder than what I usually do. Its like having a personal trainer in your ear.

Nike Sport Music

Try it on your next run!


A New Place to Keep Informed About Football

January 8, 2009

If your anything like me, you are counting the days, hours and minutes until your back on Key West’s soil. The Kelly McGillis Classic is a tournament like no other. It is the largest of the tournaments, it’s average temperature is 70 degrees F  year round and it provides one great party after another.

Unfortunately the tournament occurs once a year, which means that you are left to 51 weeks of anticipation.  If you and your team participate in another IWFFA tournament in the Nordic Region or your in your local league, call yourself lucky. Either way, if your reading this, you are counting down the time until you lace up your cleats again.

So when you can’t be on the field, you can keep updated on football news, events and any other tidbits we can find to fuel your fix.


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